Fish Tacos Recipe – with Best Fish Taco Sauce!

Everyone loves tacos. There is literally a taco for every kind of eater. There are carne asada and various meat tacos for the meat eaters, potato tacos for the vegetarians and vegans, and fish tacos for the fish lovers! Tacos are a sure fire way to bring a crowd together, and with the right recipe, they will always be a crowd pleaser. While there isn’t really a way to mess up tacos, you do want to take some time to make sure you find a recipe that sounds good and is easy to make, especially if you’re making fish tacos.

Since fish can be tricky to make, you want to be sure you buy the right cut of fish for it. Tilapia is a great cut of fish for fish tacos. You can get it prepackaged at the grocery store or fresh from the butcher counter.

You’re also going to need ingredients like tortillas, salt and pepper, olive oil, butter, and choice seasonings. Favorites include cayenne and cumin and are always popular in flavor. You are also going to need toppings for the fish tacos. While this can vary in preference person to person, there are a few staples you should have on hand for toppings. These include purple cabbage, avocados, tomatoes, limes, cilantro, red onion, and cotija cheese. These are popular toppings, but they are also toppings that can be put out in bowls for your guests to pick and choose from, ensuring they get their perfect fish taco!

A quick tip that will put your fish tacos over the edge is to quickly toast the tortillas! This will give them a nice, slightly crisp texture and will keep the fish warm inside it, adding to the overall flavor of the fish taco.

Another important part of the fish taco, and some may say it is the most important part, is the fish taco sauce. The fish taco sauce goes on top of the toppings and ties in the entire fish taco to give you the best flavor. It doesn’t have to be a super complicated fish sauce. There is a super simple garlic lime cream sauce that only takes a few ingredients and a few minutes to whip up!

You’ll need sour cream, mayonnaise, lime, garlic, and sriracha hot sauce. All you have to do is whisk the ingredients together at the last minute and pour it over the tacos when you are ready to serve them! You can even leave the sauce in a bowl and let your guests use as much as or as little as they want.

Fish tacos are a super quick easy dish to make. The sauce only takes a couple of minutes. The toppings are easy to prepare and can be thrown into separate bowls or kept right on the chopping board where they were prepared. The fish is the most time consuming part to make and even that takes less than half an hour. Once the oven is on, you can just throw the fish in and let them cook while you prepare the toppings and the sauce. Time it right, and everything will be ready at once!

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